Water extraction in Wynnewood, Ardmore, and Rosemont, PA

5 steps involved in water extraction

There is no definite timing of the occurrence of a catastrophic event, such as- deluge, fire and many more. When it happens, happens all of a sudden- within a fraction of a second leaving our house fully or partially damaged and its occupants injured, which only a team of restoration professionals can handle carefully and properly. A household is one of our largest financial investments. It is our safe haven- a place for gathering with our loved ones and where we keep our precious belongings. When floods strike, you should call a trusted professional plumber who can help you efficiently and effectively to restore your house as well as recover your valuable assets, so that you can return to the warmth and comfort of your house within a few days. Whether you are in and around Philadelphia, Bluebell, Morristown, Phoenixville or Pottstown PA, making just one call to Scavello Restoration water extraction specialists is all it takes. You are free to call us anytime of the day. Our prompt response and action lets us to quickly evaluate the condition of your property, provide immediate water extraction and reduce further damage and extra expenses. Providing professional services right from cleaning to home renovation for the past 2 years, we do understand the stress and frustration that comes along with facing water damage to your property. The water extraction step removes the majority of the water from your house. By performing a thorough water extraction in 5 steps, our professionals assist in minimizing the drying time as well as prevent mold and water damage by using powerful submersible water pumps and truck-mounted portable vacuum units to quickly remove gallons of water from your house and dry its items. Those steps are given below:

  1. Check and prevent the source of water the house.
  2. Identify the type of water to restore the house safely.
  3. Emergency water removal from the house depending on the amount of water. Truck-mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.
  4. Move furniture to help prevent rust or furniture stains on the wet carpet.
  5. Inspect the carpet and carpet pad and remove water if required.

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