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Dear Mr. Scavello,

I am writing this letter as a testament to the many ways your company helped my family in the aftermath of a hurricane. Hurricane Sandy left my family without a summer home. In its place sat a tilting structure, with mud and debris filling spaces we laughed in for over ten years. We worked multiple jobs to afford the house, and in one day, it was destroyed. The stress of not knowing what to do or where to turn was overwhelming. Then, I had the good fortune to call on your company. I cannot express my gratitude in simple words. You provided the utmost professionalism, kindness, and practical solutions to minimize the impact this disaster had on not only our property but on our emotional stress as well. I wanted to write this letter, hoping it will help others to know who to turn to in a time of need. Your thorough knowledge of the restoration business allowed us to maximize our insurance claim, taking away stress, and much of the worry we faced. I found it amazing that you returned to our property on multiple occasions, over two hours from your own home, to meet with structural engineers, insurance adjusters, and code enforcement people. The amount of time, away from your own family, to help mine was beyond anything anticipated. I am so thankful for your ability to point out damages, previously missed by not only insurance adjusters, but engineers as well. People should understand what a benefit it is having you as ally, not just a professional on the scene, to help restore property after a disaster. It was beyond anything I could have hoped for, and I will always appreciate your efforts. You are not just a professional with the utmost competency in the field, you’re a kind person. I cannot thank you enough and will happily serve as a reference for you. Thanks for everything! I hope the wild squirrel you encountered (which almost attacked you) doesn’t give you nightmares! Your good humor made us laugh when we needed it the most.


Kathryn P. Schiefer, M.Ed.
Ocean City, NJ

Whom It May Concern,

I would like to recommend Tom Scavello restoration for any and all of your flood, fire, or storm damage clean up and restoration needs. I have been subcontracting their services for three years now, and I have never been disappointed in either the quality of the work or the amount we’ve paid.

Tom and his team are dedicated and professional. They arrive on time for scheduled appointments, and they always have the proper equipment to get the job done quickly and seamlessly and, most importantly for a restoration crew, the facility actually feels as if the damage never occurred when they’re finished with the service.

In my 20 years in the commercial maintenance industry I have used several different restoration companies big and small. Scavello restoration, by a wide margin, has provided us with the best overall service and support. We have subcontracted interior sewer and water backups ranging from 500 square feet to 25’000 square feet, and Scavello’s service has been consistent throughout. If you choose Scavello Restoration to provide services for you, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

J. Eric Richardson
Amattco Maintenance Inc.


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