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Situations When You Need Your Plumber Close (Besides Pipe Floodings)

You know when you need to call your plumber, right? If you live in or near Audubon, Phoenixville or Blue Bell, PA then you are probably picking up the phone only when there is an emergency: water extraction, fixing a pipe, or problems like these.

But in order for your piping system to function perfectly all the time, you need to make sure the phone number of your plumber does not get lost in your phone agenda… here are 3 situations when you should call your plumber for assistance even if there has been no flooding or no such emergencies:

1.   Routine maintenance checkups

Keep everything going smoothly if you want to avoid any problems. To start with, make sure that your home’s pipes have a “plumber appointment” at least once a year. It is usually recommended that you call in the plumber every time there is a season change, but especially before the cold season hits. This is when the plumber should check that your pipes are working ok and there is no risk for them to break, freeze, or crack due to temperature drops.

2.   When installing a new sink/toilet seat/etc.

Of course, for every major project as the ones mentioned above, you should call the plumber without any hesitation. Some people consider the job an easy fix and try to do it on their own. They only soon find out that, as with every project, complications arise along the way and they are unable to fix them properly. If you want to avoid risking to start a flooding, then contact your plumber for assistance.

3.   Low water pressure in your pipes

Again, do not try to fix this on your own. There are several factors that can lead to this problem, including low water pressure from the city. The plumber can correctly identify the issue and advise on the correct way to solve it, whether this is: obstructions in the water lines, poor supply-line design, or a well running on a low water supply.

4.   Other issues

A plumber can help you with all the above-mentioned problems, and more. For example, they can assist you with sewer line stoppage or in case of frozen pipes, or when you are not receiving any hot water from your pipes.

So, if you are from areas near Audubon, Phoenixville and Blue Bell, PA and you need the help of a plumber, just remember they can give a helping hand with a lot of problems besides just water extraction. If you want to work with a team of professionals, contact one of the specialists at Scavello Restoration for more details.