Fire Damage Restoration: 4 Things to Know

For many, the sound of a fire alarm is the scariest sound. Homeowners know it spells danger, and that after the firetrucks have gone, your home or business will likely suffer from fire damage and smoke damage, as well as water damage from the firefighters’ efforts in extinguishing the fire. During times like these it’ important to have reliable professionals on your side.

The restoration professionals at Scavello Restoration have the knowledge, skill, and training needed to salvage your belongings and restore your home to its former glory. Here is a list of four things to know about fire and smoke damage restoration projects, so you can stay in-the-know should disaster ever strike your Pennsylvania home or business.

Fire damage restoration can be dangerous

Dealing with fire and smoke damage means there could be some structural damage, dangerous chemicals, or hazardous materials strewn about. This means it isn’t safe for you, the resident, to be in the home during initial inspection and cleanup. A fire damage inspection and restoration is a process best left to the professionals. At Scavello Restoration you’ll find trusted, certified professionals well-versed in the process of cleaning up and restoring homes and businesses damaged by fire, smoke, and water.

Not all fire damage restoration projects are the same

The scope of the restoration project can be affected by the type of smoke and the severity of the damages, or how far the fire and smoke traveled. Some buildings are worse off than others. Your home may have incurred water damage on top of the smoke damage, which would require additional attention in the restoration process.

Fire damage isn’t always the #1 culprit

Many Pennsylvania homeowners believe the blazing flames of a fire are the primary source of their home’s damages after a fire. In reality, the smoke that the fire produces tends to be the biggest cause of destruction when it comes to fire damage and smoke damage. Smoke can burn your belongings, penetrating into materials, causing discoloration and foul odors, and leaving behind corrosive residue buildup. This is why it’s vital to have a professional examine your home after a fire to clean up and restore smoke damage.

There are four different types of smoke damage

Scavello Restoration will assess the scene for smoke odor to find evidence of one of the four types of smoke: wet smoke (caused by a “wet fire”), dry smoke (caused by a “dry fire”), protein smoke (caused by a “protein fire”), and petroleum smoke, which is caused by fuel oil soot. According to the type of fire that occurred and the smoke damage present, the professionals at Scavello Restoration will tailor their restoration approach to best suit your home’s needs.

If fire and smoke damage your Pennsylvania home or business, make sure you stay safe and call a professional, so that you can get back into your building as soon as is safely possible. The restoration professionals at Scavello Restoration are here to guide you through this tough time. They’re filled with expert advice and the knowledge you need to get back in your home. Now that you know the four things to know when considering a fire restoration project, you can hire a competent, skilled fire damage restoration expert. Call Scavello Restoration at 610-489-0859