Fire Damage Limerick, and Phoenixville, PA

How to clean items after fire damage


Accidents leading to fire damage can happen to anyone. After the fire department stops the fire, what can you do with what remains? Depending on the size of the casualty some items can be saved and restored. Here are a few tips for cleaning objects after fire damage:

  1. You can try to DIY, but it is not recommended

If you want to do-it-yourself, first make sure that it is safe, that the fire damage to your house is not too big. Then you will need a cleaning product, paper towels and vinegar. The vinegar is good for neutralizing the smell. A cleaning product can remove soot and smoke from fire damage. Mix them together and you have a powerful weapon for cleaning. Clear your surfaces and furniture with paper towels; rags clean the surface for a swipe or two but then they spread over the soot. Don’t forget the inside drawers or the bottom.

Keep in mind, however, that fire damage is not an easy DIY project. You risk getting injured or burnt if you are not well prepared.

To clean your clothes wash them two or three times, although some clothing items may need to be washed four or five times. Remember to put ½ a cup of vinegar for killing the smell.

Couches and mattresses can be the most difficult things to clean. First you’ll need to hover over with a powerful vacuum cleaner to take the soot out as much as possible. If possible, it is recommended to leave them outside for a week or two or buy/borrow a steam cleaner and clean them at least twice. Add a cup of vinegar in the cleaning solution.

Because it is so difficult to clean mattresses and couches, it is recommended to hire a specialized fire damage restoration team to deal with this part.

Don’t forget about your electronic devices. The smoke from fire damage is destructive to the metal. Vacuum the surfaces and if you can open up the cases vacuum there as well. Work with an expert to decide if your electronics can be saved from fire damage or not…

  1. It’s better to work with an expert fire damage restoration team

If you don’t want to clean your house by yourself, or the fire damage is too big you should hire specialists from Scavello Restoration. They are trained for these kinds of situations. They have several services and the right tools for you depending on your needs. Find Scavello Restoration in Philadelphia, Bluebell, Morristown, Phoenixville and Pottstown PA.