Flood Damage and Restoration in Doylestown and Oaks, PA

Flood damage restoration and water removal is best left to the professionals

It is well known that floods are the number one natural disaster in the USA.  You need to be prepared for flood damage and apart from flood insurance you should have a contingency plan for disaster recovery.  Scavello Restoration can help you with disaster recovery and water removal in Collegeville PA, Devon PA, Exton PA, Gilbertsville PA, Harleysville PA, Malvern PA, Phoenixville PA, Pottstown PA and Reading PA.

Flood damage is usually extensive and severe. It can affect the structure of your home, damage fittings and furniture and personal possessions and also create health hazards. Damage will vary depending on the severity of the storm and depth of the flood waters. One thing is for sure expensive items will be damaged or ruined and the water that accumulates in your home will continue to cause damage. Standing water can quickly become contaminated and pose health risks. Mold formation is another problem associated with standing water and moisture. That is why fast water removal is vital after a flood.

Flood damage cleanup and water removal is am complicated and hard process that is best left to the professionals. Disaster recovery teams have specialised equipment such as powerful water pumps, extractors, air movers and industrial chemicals that they use remove water, dry, clean and sanitize everything. They will salvage whatever they can but certain items will beyond repair and will need to be discarded. Should mold be present they will also perform mold remediation and removal. You can rely on a disaster recovery team to restore your home to pre-dsaster state in the event of flood damage, fire damage or some other catastrophe.

A disaster recovery team will also keep a record of all the damage, take photos and make videos and do whatever else is needed for your insurance purposes.