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We all need a plumber from time to time, and when you do, it’s smart to know where you can find a skilled and reliable plumbing professional. If you need a plumber in Philadelphia, Bluebell, Morristown, Phoenixville or Pottstown, PA, Scavello Restoration can help.


A plumber is a tradesperson who deals with the water systems in your house, including clean and black water systems. A plumber can install, maintain or repair your water systems. A plumber will fix the fixtures and appliances in your home, including: the pipes and parts that supply drinking water, tub water, shower water, as well as your sewage and drainage systems. So if you need water pipe repair in Philadelphia, drain unblocking in Bluebell, plumbing inspection in Morristown, dripping faucet repair in Phoenixville or geyser repairs in Pottstown, you can rely on a qualified and experienced plumber from Scavello Restoration to do the job right the first time.


If you need a plumber, we have you covered. The competent, skilled plumbing professionals at Scavello Restoration also provide routine plumbing maintenance. This routine maintenance gives you peace of mind and also ensures your water pipes, taps, pumps and geysers are in good working condition. This way you can avoid plumbing emergencies and costly repairs down the line.


Scavello restoration also provides disaster recovery services such as water extraction and flood repair. When you experience any form of flooding, you need to act fast. Water can cause a lot of damage. The longer any type of flooding is allowed to go unchecked, the greater the damage.


Flooding by its very nature will amount to more water than you could easily clean up yourself. Water extraction associated with flooding requires special equipment such as industrial pumps, air movers and dehumidifiers. Once water extraction is completed, everything in the affected area has to be dried and decontaminated. Items that have become water clogged may require salvaging and damaged structures will require repair.


Professional water extraction is the first step in an effective disaster recovery process that follows any form of mild to severe flooding.
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