Quote 24

I needed a bunch of towel bars, mirrors, and bi-fold closet doors hung, new dryer vent installed, and a door planed down. AND I needed it in a HURRY! My husband promised a tenant he would do it soon, and ‘soon’ extended waaay too long. Tenant was super unhappy. I called Tom, just from looking up people online. I think it was a God-thing: one call, Tom answered, was able to show up the next day, gave me a very fair price, showed up not just on time, but a few minutes early, then did EVERYTHING that was needed. He was super knowledgeable. He was careful (wore shoe covers in the house to protect the rugs), incredibly efficient, had good suggestions for the job. His work was neat and precise. I would hire him again in a minute for any job that he was willing to accept. After we left, tenant texted me and was absolutely delighted with everything! So having Tom do the work was a TOTAL success!