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Thanks to Ed , our kitchen is back to normal. We used to give our doggie a bath in the upstairs shower, and there was a small leak that we had to check plumbing for. Thankfully, the pipes were not busted, but the ceiling ended up being that way. Ed came and fixed it so quickly we hardly knew he was there. He just came today to finish sanding. Basically, he is very down-to-earth matter-of-fact and just gets a job done. He also comes early! Not one of those people who never shows up at the time they say. He always showed up when he said he would. The ceiling looks brand new (it looked terrible before) and he touched up another place on our ceiling and near our stairwell – the walls look great! He also paint-matched the paint as an added kindness. I would recommend Ed.

Services: Drywall installation, Drywall repair