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The city of Allentown PA is a city located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It is Pennsylvania’s third most populous city, and it was established in 1762, making Allentown one of the oldest major cities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States. To Allentown residents, these facts aren’t known. They know their city is historic and has a deep, significant place in the history of our country; it was the hiding place of the Liberty Bell during the Revolutionary War and within its cemeteries, you’ll find graves of soldiers who served in the Continental Army. The city and its buildings reflect deep historical importance that must be preserved no matter what happens, be it flood, fire, storm, or the passing of time. We here at Scavello Restoration recognize the importance of Allentown PA and the homes and businesses within it, which is why we’re here for all your Allentown PA restoration needs.

Commercial Restoration in Allentown

As Allentown residents know, this city has shifted from a thriving center of the manufacturing industry to a hub for the service industry. Local businesses have boomed, and it’s more important than ever to protect your small business from the tides of Mother Nature in this city located on the Lehigh River.

Trust Scavello Restoration to Restore Your Allentown PA Home or Business

Today, Allentown is packed with cultural attractions, small businesses, chains, mom-and-pop shops, and more. When floods hit, when storm winds come, it’s vital Allentown residents and business owners have skilled water damage and flood restoration professionals by their side. When water damage, smoke damage, and fire damage affect your Allentown PA small business or home, it’s vital you have a trustworthy restoration professional by your side to bring your business back to life. Scavello Restoration will provide you with the support and skill to get your business back on track.

Allentown PA needs a water damage restoration expert that cares

Allentown knows to flood all too well. This city on the water has seen catastrophic flooding throughout history. Residents need reliable, experienced water removal and water damage restoration professional who can restore their homes and businesses back to the status quo. There’s not a single Allentown resident that doesn’t recall the West End Flood. When tragedies like these occur, when houses mold and basements flood and cars are swept away, you need someone you can turn to. Call Scavello Restoration if you need someone to help you through your water damage crisis and to get a free quote and a quick yet effective repair.