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What is a disaster recovery plan?

Almost everyone nowadays knows what disaster recovery refers to, but not many people know what a disaster recovery plan is. If you want to find out more about this subject, and what it involves, you should continue reading this article.

This plan refers to actions that are taken in case of a disaster, even if it is a man-made one, which can be accidental, and intentional, or to natural disasters. They come usually as a written form, where the procedures are specified.

All disaster recovery plans should include three strategies. These strategies are preventive, detective, and corrective. When taking into consideration the preventive measures, these are usually designed to identify, and also to reduce the risks. They can include actions such as backing up data, installing generators in case there is a power outage, and also conducting inspections.

Detective measures, are used to discover new potential threats, and they can include measures like installing fire alarms, installing monitoring systems, and also training the employees of a company so they will know what to do in case of any unfortunate event.

At last, the corrective measures are taken after a disaster, and are aimed to restoring anything that got damaged to its original state. If some of the items damaged cannot be restored, these will be replaced with new ones. This measure is also taken if the item in question is badly damaged and its restoration can be more expensive than simply replacing it.

An important aspect of disaster recovery plans is that they tend to go out of date after a long period of time, so employers should check to see how they can improve it every two or three years. Everyone should develop such a plan, no matter if they live in areas such as Collegeville PA, Harleysville PA, Phoenixville PA, or Pottstown PA.