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Water Damage, Water Removal, Fire Restoration, Pottstown PA


Damage to your Pottstown property is what we do best. If you have water damage, Pottstown, Pennsylvania’s water damage expert, Scavello Restorations Inc. is just a phone call away.

We know that accidents happen. A faucet was left running. A pipe burst. A branch fell on your roof. Whatever the cause, you’re now dealing with unwanted water. Water damage needs to be remediated immediately to prevent bigger problems down the road. If you live in Pottstown, the water damage experts at Scavello Restorations Inc. will quickly assess the situation and come up with a solid plan to get your property back to normal with quality restoration.
Scavello Restorations Inc. offers water damage restoration Pottstown residents have trusted since 1997. We will expertly and professionally restore your Pottstown home or office with the highest quality materials available.
Water Restoration, Flooded Basement with 4 feet of water in Pottstown , PA
Call Pottstown’s water removal pro: (610) 489-0859

  • 24/7 emergency restoration service in Pottstown, PA.
  • Immediate response
  • We’ll handle all insurance paperwork.
  • Advanced equipment and water removal techniques
  • Quick action to remove water and restore your Pottstown property
  • Efficient removal of bacteria, fungi, and mildew.
  • Environmentally-friendly sanitizing agents to remove unpleasant odors.
  • Scavello Restorations Inc. knows how to take care of water damage in Pottstown caused by:
  • Weather
  • heavy rainstorms
  • storm damage|
  • rapid snow melting
  • Broken appliances
  • water heater problem
  • dishwasher overflow
  • washing machine overflow
  • Pipe obstructions
  • roots growing through pipes
  • broken pipes
  • leaking pipes

When you have water damage in your Pottstown property, call (610) 489-0859 for quality restoration services.

Scavello Restorations Inc.’s expert carpenters and craftsmen repair all structural surfaces with high-quality materials
We safely get rid of all damaged materials & debris
Professionally clean all affected areas
Handle all insurance paperwork and ensure all permits are in place

Serving Pottstown, Pennsylvania customers since 1989