Water Damage Prevention 101: How to Waterproof Your Property

The words “water damage” make many home and business owners’ hair stand up on end. Water damage may seem like the inevitable cost of owning property, especially here in Pennsylvania, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know how to waterproof your property, you can prevent water damage, flood damage, mold, and mildew in your PA home or business.
When it comes to water damage prevention, regular maintenance is key. It’s important you make sure that all of the structure is protected from water. Even a small leak can cause a huge problem and a lot of water damage.


You should inspect some parts of your home or business building more frequently and thoroughly than others. Know where the potential trouble spots for water damage, leaks, or flooding are in your home.

Common vulnerable spots in your home that are prone to water damage and leaks are those that are exposed to water and/or are likely to develop flaws due to their construction. As a Pennsylvania home or business owner, you can avoid increased water damages if you:

  • Check your roof regularly for leaks or weak spots.
  • Check your home or business’ drainage system regularly.
  • Inspect your patio, parking area, and pergola regularly to make sure there aren’t any weak spots or leaks. These horizontal outside structures can be easily damaged from constant rainfall or acts of nature.
  • Pay extra attention to those places and points where materials are spliced or joined.
  • Regularly inspect your windows. Windows are huge potential trouble spots, as water can easily enter.


Now that you’ve identified the potential trouble spots where water damage can occur, it’s time to look for and identify these problem areas.

Luckily, the water damage restoration experts here at Scavello Restoration are here to teach you what to look for when it comes to potential causes of water damage.

  • Improperly insulated joints
  • Obstructed drainage systems: Ensure all of your home’s and business’s drainage systems are clear, so standing water won’t gather.
  • Is the sealant in your windows worn? If so, it’s time to take action and waterproof the windows so you can avoid water damage to your windows, the frames, and the flooring beneath them.
  • Is there cracking or damage to concrete substrates? If your home or business experiences flooding, the foundation will worsen. Tend to the cracks ASAP.


Waterproof those troublesome spots in your PA home or business to prevent water damage. When the rains come, you don’t want water leaking into your home.

  • In order to waterproof your property, the gutters and other draining systems should be cleaned regularly.
  • Silicone caulking can be used to replace damaged window caulking. This caulking will create a water-tight barrier. However, it’s not always a permanent solution.
  • If you have cracks in your concrete or foundation, the concrete can be sealed against water using a variety of products. In extreme cases, a professional will resurface the concrete.

As always, consult a weatherproofing and water damage professional before taking any of these measures.

Your local restoration professionals here at Scavello Restoration are here to answer any of your questions and will provide you with a free quote, then walk you through the process.

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