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Most Common Causes For Clogged Kitchen Sink

Having trouble with the kitchen sink? It doesn’t drain as it used to? From time to time, whether it is in the kitchen or in the bathroom, sinks get clogged. Sometimes you can unclog them yourself, but sometimes you need a professional help, a plumber.

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Check out some of the most common causes for clogged sinks.


Grease can take a liquid or solid form. When grease is liquid and you run it down the sink, you have no problem, it drains smoothly. But the problem occurs when solidifies; this way it sticks to the walls of the drain, causing the sink to get clogged easily. This doesn’t happen solely because of the grease, but as more things are drained out the sink, they get stuck to the solid grease, thus blocking the way. It’s more of a “team work” of the things you throw down the sink.


This is one of the most frequent causes that results in a clogged sink. After a meal most of us just pour water over the dishes and then we start washing them. As the water spreads on the dishes, the remaining food goes down the drain. It appears that soft bread pieces and cereals get stuck far more easily than any other type of food. As time passes by the sink gets clogged by these little pieces.

Unknown objects

This happens mostly when you have children around. For them it is fun to throw things wherever they can. Small objects like toys or jewelry can easily be put in the drain by kids, making the sink to clog.

It is better to prevent than repair, but it is not always possible. For more information and if you need to hire a plumber call Scavello Restoration. They have the qualified personal ready for you. You can find them in Philadelphia, Bluebell, Morristown, Phoenixville, and Pottstown PA.