Smoke odor removal in Collegeville, Devon, Exton, or Malvern

Smoke odor removal procedures are impacted by the type of fire

Fire damage from flames and heat are usually substantial but the consequential effects of smoke can be equally bad.  Smoke from fire can penetrate all areas of your home or building and will also leave behind unpleasant odors that you will want to get rid of as soon as possible. Scavello Restoration is a disaster recovery expert that can help with smoke odor removal in Collegeville PA, Devon PA, Exton PA, Gilbertsville PA, Harleysville PA, Malvern PA, Phoenixville PA, Pottstown PA and Reading PA.

Fires are not all the same. A fire needs fuel to burn and the type of fuel will impact on the type of smoke damage that occurs. Smoke also contains many small particles and gases and these often include carbon monoxide, methane, various acids, sulfurs, oxides and even some heavy metals. This makes fire smoke a hazard to human health.  Apart from the odor, the health hazards alone warrants fast action and effective smoke and odor removal.

In addition smoke is corrosive in nature and can cause substantial damage to materials and valuables such as collections. Smoke can actually burn stuff, penetrate materials and cause discoloration, stains and additional damage.

Different types of fire will result in different types of smoke and each requires specific smoke and odor removal steps and strategies. For example wet smoke creates a thick and sticky residue and leaves a heavy odor. Other types of smoke include dry smoke, protein smoke and petroleum smoke.  Protein fires leave behind an overwhelming pungent odor as well as an almost invisible film of soot.

A disaster recovery expert such as Scavello understands the different types of fires and resultant smoke damage. They have the staff, equipment, materials, skills and knowledge to deal with each type and to perform effective smoke odor removal and related disaster recovery services.