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As your Telford home becomes inhabitable due to water damage, fire damage, or sewage damage? If you are wading instead of walking through your Telford house thanks to burst pipes or leaking appliances, call the restoration and water damage experts at Scavello Restoration.

Telford residents know their town to be a little slice of heaven nestled in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County. But when fire, storms or floods come knocking, a pipe dream can easily turn into a nightmare. When disaster strikes your home or business, trust in the removal of Water and restoration professionals at Scavello Restoration, Montgomery County’s go-to source for water damage clean-up for over two decades.

Scavello Restoration understands how important your Huntingdon Valley, PA homes and businesses are. That’s why our experienced crews of certified, trained professionals offer NO OBLIGATION, FREE ESTIMATES and 24-hour emergency services.

Water Restoration in Telford

With a quick phone call, Scavello Restoration is ready to assess damages, clean up debris, dry the affected area, perform water or waste removal, and repair damage to your home.

Smoke and fire damage can be devastating to both homes and businesses In Telford Pa. This is why it’s important to have a team of dedicated, highly trained professionals who will work hard to restore your property to its former glory. If your Telford property has fire damage, Scavello Restoration will be there with you every step of the way. We are here to handle your complete fire damage restoration, so you can get back in your Telford home or commercial property as quickly as possible.

After your free quote, our Telford fire restoration professionals will discuss what needs to be done, from assessing the damages and fixing any structural damages to salvaging and restoring your personal items, Scavello Restoration will restore your property, adding the finishing touches that make your Telford Pa home or commercial real estate whole again. We will handle your fire damage cleanup from start to finish.

Call Scavello Restoration for your property restoration needs. We’re ready to restore damages caused by: water damage, flooded basements, leaking sinks and leaking toilets, sewage backups, leaking roofs, fire, smoke, wind, mold and mildew. Whatever the size and scope of the damage, we can quickly and efficiently handle all of your Telford, PA commercial and home restoration needs.

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